How to Tame Allay in Minecraft

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Minecraft, the immensely popular sandbox game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore and conquer. Within this pixelated universe, you’ll encounter various creatures, both friendly and hostile. While embarking on your adventure, one of the most rewarding experiences can be establishing a bond with the animals inhabiting the game, taming them, and turning them into your loyal allies.

In Minecraft, taming animals involves gaining their trust and convincing them to follow your commands, whether it’s assisting you in your endeavors or simply providing companionship. The process of taming and allying animals adds a new layer of gameplay, allowing players to create their personalized animal companionship experience.

In this guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of animal taming in Minecraft, exploring the different creatures you can tame and the methods you can employ to win their trust. From the friendly wolves who can become your loyal protectors to the versatile and resourceful parrots that add a splash of color to your adventures, we will cover a variety of animals and their unique taming requirements.

We will also discuss the benefits of taming animals in Minecraft, ranging from enhanced protection against hostile mobs to the ability to gather resources and aid in farming activities. With our helpful tips and insights, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the art of taming and allying animals, unlocking a whole new level of enjoyment in your Minecraft journey.a

Locating and Taming Wolves

  • Before you can ally a wolf, you need to find one in the Minecraft world. Wolves typically spawn in forest, taiga, or birch forest biomes. Once you spot a wolf, approach it cautiously, as they are initially hostile. To begin the taming process, hold out a bone and right-click on the wolf. It will start to show hearts, indicating that it is being tamed.

It is important to note that not all wolves can be tamed. The ones with a red collar are wild and cannot be tamed. You can only tame wolves that have a gray collar or no collar at all. Be patient while taming, as it may take multiple attempts. It’s recommended to have several bones in your inventory before attempting to tame a wolf, as it increases your chances of success.

Establishing Trust

  • Once you have successfully tamed a wolf, it’s time to build trust and establish a strong bond. Feeding your tamed wolf raw meat or bones will help it regain health if it gets injured during battles. To heal your wolf, simply approach it and right-click while holding the desired food item. This interaction will not only heal your companion but also strengthen the bond between you.

To ensure your wolf stays loyal and does not revert to a wild state, avoid attacking it, as this can break the trust you’ve built. Wolves are formidable fighters and can provide protection, especially when you face hostile mobs. They will automatically attack any enemy that attacks you or comes within a certain radius. This makes them valuable allies during your adventures.

Breeding and Growing Your Pack

  • Once you have tamed a wolf and established trust, you can consider expanding your pack. Breeding wolves is an excellent way to create a loyal group of allies. To breed two tamed wolves, you need to give them each a piece of raw meat. The hearts above their heads indicate that they are ready to breed. Right-click on one of the wolves with raw meat, and after a short while, a baby wolf will be born. The baby wolf will inherit the traits of its parents and can also be tamed.

As your pack grows, it’s essential to provide adequate space for the wolves to roam freely. Constructing a dedicated area for your pack, such as a fenced-in enclosure, will help keep them safe and prevent them from wandering off or getting into trouble.


Taming and allying wolves in Minecraft adds an extra layer of excitement and companionship to the game. These loyal creatures offer protection, assistance, and an invaluable sense of camaraderie during your adventures. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully tame wolves, establish trust, and even expand your pack. Remember to be patient, provide care, and never forget to reward your loyal companions. So, grab your bones, venture into the wilderness, and embark on an unforgettable journey with your newfound wolf allies.

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