How to Open Inventory in Minecraft

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Minecraft, the wildly popular sandbox game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore, build, and survive in. Central to the gameplay is the concept of inventory management, allowing players to collect, store, and utilize various items and resources they encounter on their adventures. Opening the inventory in Minecraft is a fundamental skill that every player needs to master.

To open the inventory, simply press the ‘E’ key on your keyboard (default keybind). This action instantly brings up the inventory screen, where you can view and interact with all the items you possess. The inventory is divided into several sections, including the player’s main inventory, hotbar, and crafting grid.

The main inventory is where you can store a wide range of items, such as tools, weapons, building materials, and valuable resources. It consists of a grid of slots where you can place items by dragging and dropping or using the corresponding number keys on your keyboard.

The hotbar, located at the bottom of the screen, allows you to quickly access and switch between nine selected items or blocks. These items are readily available for immediate use, making it convenient during combat or construction tasks.

To open the inventory in Minecraft, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch Minecraft and load a world or create a new one. You can play in either Survival or Creative mode.

Step 2: Once you are in the game world, find a safe spot away from any immediate danger. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re not under attack or surrounded by hostile mobs.

Step 3: Look for the inventory button. In the Java Edition of Minecraft, the default key to open the inventory is “E.” In the Bedrock Edition (available on consoles and mobile devices), the button to access the inventory is represented by an icon of a chest.

Step 4: Press the designated button or click on the inventory icon, and the inventory screen will appear on your screen.

Congratulations! You have successfully opened the inventory in Minecraft. Now let’s delve into some useful tips and tricks related to the inventory system.

Inventory Layout:

When you open the inventory screen, you will notice several slots where you can store items. The inventory is divided into four main sections: the crafting grid, the hotbar, the player’s inventory, and the armor slots. The crafting grid is used to combine items and craft new ones, while the hotbar allows quick access to your most frequently used items. The player’s inventory is where you store additional items, and the armor slots are for equipping armor pieces to protect yourself.

Drag and Drop:

To move items around in your inventory, you can use the drag and drop method. Click on an item and hold the mouse button, then move the item to the desired slot. This allows you to organize your inventory and prioritize important items for quick access.


Shift-clicking is a convenient feature that allows you to quickly move items between your inventory and other containers, such as chests or furnaces. When you have an item selected in your inventory, hold the Shift key and click on a slot in another container. The item will automatically transfer to that container, or vice versa.


The crafting grid in your inventory is where you can combine items to create new tools, weapons, armor, and other useful items. Experiment with different combinations to discover recipes and craft advanced equipment. You can find crafting recipes online or use the in-game recipe book to assist you in crafting specific items.

Sorting and Stacking:

Keeping your inventory organized can save you valuable time during gameplay. To sort your inventory, press the middle mouse button (or the designated key) on an item, and it will automatically stack with similar items or find an available slot. This feature is particularly helpful when managing large quantities of resources.

Hotbar Customization:

The hotbar is a row of nine slots at the bottom of the inventory screen that allows quick access to your most frequently used items. To customize the hotbar, simply drag items from your inventory into the desired slots. You can assign weapons, tools, food, and other essential items to ensure easy access during intense moments.

Using Shulker Boxes:

Shulker Boxes are special containers that can be placed in your inventory. They have the unique ability to store items even when they are broken or picked up. To access the items inside a Shulker Box, simply right-click on it while it’s in your inventory. Utilizing Shulker Boxes can significantly expand your inventory space and help you carry more items during your adventures.

Remember, the inventory is an essential tool for managing your resources and equipping yourself for various tasks and challenges in Minecraft. Mastering its features and utilizing the tips mentioned above will enhance your gameplay experience and make your Minecraft adventures even more enjoyable.

So, whether you’re building a magnificent structure, embarking on a daring expedition, or surviving the perilous nights, understanding how to open and efficiently use your inventory in Minecraft is crucial. Explore, create, and thrive in the endless possibilities of the Minecraft world with your inventory as your trusty companion.

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