How Do They Measure Window Tint?

Let’s start with what is measured when it comes to window tint. The amount of visible light that goes through a window, also known as visible light transmission, determines the window tint (VLT). A lower VLT % denotes less light that can pass through the glass.

How Is VLT Calculated?

With a specific tint measuring equipment, VLT is computed. The quantity of visible light passing through the window is measured using this device, which is positioned on either side. The result is often expressed as a percentage, with a larger value indicating a greater proportion of visible light transmission.

What Percentage VLT is Factory Window Tint?

The majority of contemporary cars already have a previous privacy tint on the glass, often between 75 and 85%. Make sure to account for the preexisting tint if you want to buy aftermarket tinting  in order to adhere to your state’s legal restrictions.

What Do They Use to Measure Window Tint?

Window tint is frequently measured with tint metres. Horseshoe tint metres and tint metres with magnetic probes are the two types. Both devices measure the percentage of VLT in the same way, but horseshoe tint metres can be used on windows that can be opened, including the windscreen and rear window, while tint metres with magnetic probes may be used on windows that cannot. 

Tint metres function by passing light through the glass from one sensor to the next. The receiving sensor monitors the quantity of light that goes through the window when the light beam is obstructed by it and provides the VLT as a percentage.

Where Can I Get My Window Tint Measured?

Uncertain of the VLT on the best windows Tint of your car? Bring your car to your neighbourhood window tinting shop, and they’ll be able to measure it for you most likely. Probably better to call in advance. If this is not an option, your neighbourhood police force should be able to provide you with the VLT so you can confirm that you are staying inside state boundaries.

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